Sunday, July 24, 2011

Things Are Looking Up

My weekend started out with a visit to the dentist to get two of my wisdom teeth pulled. Being that I had never had this experience before I surveyed a lot of friends, coworkers and family who had been through such a procedure. Some said it was no biggie it didn't hurt, others were like it wasn't too bad, and then there were the ones who expressed how it was the worst pain of their lives. After I gathered all my data, I didn't know what category I would fall in. I did know I didn't want a dentist going in my mouth to pull out teeth that were suppose to be there permanently. I consulted with one last person because I knew she would give it to me straight. My mom told me I would be fine and it would be no big deal. I went with that and prayed for the best. All and all I survived! I'm not looking forward to going back to get the other two removed, but all who are out there and need those annoying wisdom teeth pulled, go and handle your business. It's not as painful as you imagine in your head.

I was just going to the dentist, so I opted for a casual look. I had to make sure that I still looked cute though. The biggest compliment of the day was from my mom. She said she loved my look! My mom is the fashion diva, and taught me mostly everything I know about being Fashionable and Fabulous on a budget so that was huge. Funny thing is when I came out the dentist, with my mouth swelling, ang lip feeling funny, I still opted to reapply my red lip. I may have just had oral surgery, but I didn't have to look like I did.
(Wanna closer look, you know what to do, click on the image.)

Express green pant: $20
T.J. Maxx black & white tank top: $10
Gap gladiator sandal: $25
Gap black straw saddle purse: $30
Black sunglasses: Free (Thanks Jayknowles)
Trio necklaces: $20
Total: $105

For the second leg of my weekend, I got some much needed rest upstate in the suburbs at my mom's crib, and spent some quality time with Kiki & Koko our family dogs. I got my usual mani/pedi and headed to my Aunt's house for a little BBQ. I had a good time reminiscing about my cousin's recent wedding and just hanging with the fam.

Later, that evening I had a dinner date with a nice gentleman I met at my cousin's wedding. I was a little apprehensive because of my recent bad luck with dating in NYC. He seemed pretty cool, but you know you could never be too sure. He was a friend of the groom so of course I did a little background research to see what I was working with. Not only is he handsome with a great body, but he also graduated college with a 4.0 GPA, works as an IT consultant, has his own apartment, no kids and loves to travel. Check, check, check and check. Sounds good to me. I cleared my thoughts of all my disturbing past experiences and kept an open mind. I was about 45minutes late (still working on my chronic late disorder) when I arrived at this cute Thai restaurant. It was just my speed; swanky,fashionable spot with great Sangria!!!

Sunday, began with a visit to church with Jayknowles. We were at a new church, and people noticed. We received Spanish speaking welcomes, firm handshakes, and personal stories. Later we dined at Mobay's for a quick brunch.

Lastly, I ended my weekend volunteering at this great organization called YOU CAN THRIVE!! Something Jayknowles and I do at least once a month. It's an organization that helps and supports women to survive breast cancer. They believe in holistic practices that help to relieve the stress, and pains of fighting such a rigorous disease. They offer services such as: acupuncture, reflexology, massage, nutrition and Reiki. I sit at the front desk signing ladies in and out and schedule appointments. As a volunteer you usually are able to receive a service yourself. I've done reflexology before and today I did Rekii. Basically the instructor will touch seven points on your body that have the most energy, to help relax, and release any blockage and negativity from your body. I know I felt better than when I went in, and I was reassured that I should continue chasing my dreams, which were stored in my stomach which represents your soul. She informed me I had a lot of activity there, and my blockage was removed. You know pursuing a dream can take a lot out you. To go against what society instructs you to do, and pave your own path. For someone who was unaware of my life story a little encouragement was what I need to keep my fire burning, and to top off a great weekend!

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