Thursday, May 10, 2012


 In New York City, you can turn anything into something.  Could you imagine, above was the scene hours before the most beautiful woman is the world arrived at the party of the year.

The NYC Metropolitan Museum of Art  launched the opening of the Annual Costume Institute Gala titled "Schiaparelli and Prada: Impossible Conversations.".The Met Gala is a very prestigious red carpet event, where attendees can push the boundaries of Fashion to dance freely on the lines of costume inspired, dramatic gowns.With on lookers from the street, Industry Insiders, and the army of camera men on duty, looking your best is a must.

                                               BeyoncĂ©, Givenchy Haute Couture

B's good friend Gwyneth Paltrow arrived at the event in a very sexy Prada mini dress.  I could see the designer initially envisioning more of a fitted to the ankle length silhouette with dramatic trail from butt. It looks like at the last fitting, Paltrow said, this fits me flawlessly, lets just cut it short, what the hell.  When you're in your forties, with two children, why would you want to hide a body like this. Let's just say she is fierce, fit, and makes fashion choices that compliment her A-List Celebrity status.

Gwyneth Paltrow, Prada and Anna Hu Haute Joaillerie

This is what the Gala is all about.  Below, these dresses scream, I'm going to the Met Gala, in NYC tonight. Florence and Lauren were both bold and beautiful in their designer gowns.  Whether we loved or hated these looks, the ladies seemed to adore them, and I applaud the women for their fearlessness.  I mean after all, it was the Met Gala!

                                                          Florence Welch, Alexander McQueen

                                                    Lauren Santo Do,imgo, Oscar de la Renta

It was good to see our 'Young Stunners' representing on the Red Carpet. Rhianna, Alicia & Swizz, and Bruno Mars all kept it classy in black.

Rhianna, Tom Ford                                                                               Bruno Mars, Prada

                                          Alicia Keys & Swizz Beats, Givenchy Haute Couture

SJP, one of our favorite city gals, sashayed her way down the red carpet in a conservative, on trend floral, angle length Valentino gown, with matching pointy toe pump.  Just like her character Carrie, she can wear just about anything and look fabulous. This picture says to me, Oh this old thing; you like, thanks.  I'll stay for a bit, get picture taken, say my hellos, and then get back home to my kids.  Effortless!

Sarah Jessica Parker, Valentino

Fit! Fit! Fit! Gisele and Amber Heard know a thing or two about wearing a dress the accentuates their bodies.  The gowns are draped flawlessly to create the hour glass figure most women attempt to achieve.
The bottom shape detailing of Gisele's dress gives me an aquatic feel in which I can't decide if I'm a fan or foe of this frock. Regardless, the material sets the tone of the event. Her shoes, hair, make-up and over all look is fabulous and she looks beautiful.

Do I necessarily love the color of Amber's gown; and the gown with the lipstick? Undecided. What  I do love though, is the drama of the train, and how the architecture of this dress solidified her as one of the sexy, curvaceous women of the evening.

Gisele Bundchen, Givenchy Haute Couture                     Amber Heard, Zac Posen

As always Mrs. Patton looked like the natural beauty she is.  This gown puts me in the mood of Swan Lake with the bust detailing, and crisscross bodice.  The fit around the hip is funky, and the train is a bit bulky, but she still delivered her usual va va voom effect. That's the thing about being a natural beauty, you don't even have to try too hard. Job well done.

                                                               Paula Patton, Vera Wang

Model physique women accompanied by shorter stature dates, was a trend for the couples below at the 2012 Gala. Regardless of the height difference these couples were confident, good looking, and dressed well.

Joan Smalls & Olivier Rousteing, Balmain                         Marcus Samuelson & Maya Haile, Ralph Lauren                    

                                                        Karlie Kloss, Jason Wu and Van Cleef

This is what I like to see. A man who knows how to wear the right uniform on and off the field. Tim Tebow of the NY Jets, sported a dapper looking Ralph Lauren Tuxedo, that made him look like he was used to attending events of this stature.  Kudos to Tebow!

Tim Tebow, Ralph Lauren

How do we feel about the tri-color Jean Paul Gaultier Gown.  At first glance I thought this was interesting.  Then I realized there were just too many ideas, I feel the designer was trying to incorporate into one silhouette.  As unique and fascinating as the string like detailing at neck is, it confuses the dress.  Along with the dramatic, grey three tier ruffling to the floor. To make this a harmonious flow,  I would of only left minimum string detailing stopping at the top of the v-neck bust line.  Cinched the dress in at waist and hip to create more of a curvy figure and only incorporated one or two layers of ruffles.  Still, I am drawn to this look, and although the mark was missed it was a great effort.
                                                                                                             China Chow, Jean Paul Gaultier

Well, just like that, another exhibition, is sparked at the Metropolitan Museum of Art..  New York City was honored once again by gathering many of Hollywood's top notch celebrities together for an event of drama and glamour at the 2012 Met Gala.  Fit was an important factor on the carpet this go round.  The better your gown adhered to your body, the better you looked. Did anyone stop me in my tracks and completely wow me; not so much.  What I can say though,  is our celebrities used the most high-end of designers to conceal their nudity that evening.  Everyone knows you're someone if your walking the Red Carpet at The Met, so you ought to have on your best that evening, because you will be the talk of the town, at least for the next week or so.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Victoria Secret Angels

The models and performances of the Annual Victoria Secret Fashion Show illuminated New York City this week. The Angels looked fab sashaying down the runway with Maroon 5, Jay-Z & Kanye West, and Nicki Minaj providing some familiar tunes to march to. A show of this magnitude requires a lot of preparation to pull off. The creative team, both the designers and technical support did not disappoint with the various costume looks they sent down the runway. Many were over the top, some out of this world, but all assisted in creating a fantasy filled, fun show. Watching these perfectly sculpted bodies flow down the runway inspired me to start my crunches immediately.

Here's a recap of the show:

A vet to the bunch Miranda Kerr had the pleasure of wearing the $2 million VS bra. She reminded me of Arial from the Little Mermaid. What's more amazing though, is how fantastic her body looks after recently having a baby.

An Angel, I'm sure we don't ever get tired of seeing, Adriana Lima, rocked her Super Angel Super hero costume.

Mregji Heinen modeled one of my favorite looks of the evening. Although it wasn't the most dramatic, I thought it was a super pretty bejeweled piece.

Besides the $2 million bra, this look was said to be one of the most expensive pieces of the show because it was hand embroidered in India.

Love this New Orleans inspired creation. This is a well coordinated look.

Another New Orleans inspired look that brought the passion and the drama. Isabel Goulart worked all three umbrellas.

This look was definitely one that stood out in my mind. This must of been heavy, but it was worth it because it look so beautiful coming down that runway. Love, love, love this one.

All I could think was black swan. This was just something else.

It was super cute when Adam Levine kissed his girlfriend Angel Anne Vyalitsina, during the Maroon 5 performance of Move Like Jagger.

The Black Girl's Club

Nicki Minaj

Lais Riberio Joan Smalls

Chanel Iman

Jay Z & Kanye took their own stroll done the runway after killing a performance of "Ni88a* in Paris, while "B" and baby watched on.

All in all, this year's Victoria Secret Fashion show was amazing. It was well organized and executed perfectly. These are not regular models but rather described as 'Angels'. A title well fit for these women, because they are beyond beautiful and posses seemingly flawless bodies. At the end of the day, they look like they had an amazing time, smiling while strolling down the runway, time after time. I mean what woman wouldn't have a ball, if she could rock the hell out of a bra and pantie and get paid thousands of dollars to do so.


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Love. Peace & SouLLLLLL

The 2011 Soul Train Awards aired last night on BET taking place in Atlanta, Georgia. I watched the show, and thought it became boring from time to time, but definitely felt this program deserved the attention of FS because this is a show produced by my people, and I am proud to support.

On the other hand, the red carpet looks proved to be stale. There were some folks you could say looked "nice", but overall the celebrities are just not getting the flow correctly for an award show event.

Below, is a rundown of the looks from the evening. What went right, what went wrong, and what just didn't work...

Amber Rose

Jayknowles said she looked like she was attending a funeral. I would say there or working at an office. Although these pieces are directly off the runway, and super expensive, I don't believe this is a look that effectively translates to award show. We can't get the full experience of her face because the shades are blocking. This look is proven to be inappropriate because she looks like she is present at an office meeting, rather than an award show.

FS Suggestion: Stick to what you know works. A body accentuating, stylish dress would of worked here, without the shades.

The Real House Wives of Atl: Appolo & Phaedra

Although they are both dressed up appropriately and look nice, her dress and his tie are two separate entities that don't compliment each other.

FS Suggestion: Next time Apollo should opt for a tie that coordinates with Phaedra's dress. She could change to a silver/grey metallic clutch to pick up the grey in his suit , thus making them a perfectly balanced couple attending the same award show.


Does Common look good in this pic? Yes, of course he is a sexy brotha, but again he doesn't look like he is attending an award show, but rather like he didn't have time and just threw something on. It doesn't look like simple sheik. It looks more like he is going to the store to pick up some groceries.

FS Suggestions: Wear your performance outfit, which was a suit, on the red carpet so it looks like you care about an event that our people have assembled to honor one another.

Kenny Latimore

Very basic but well executed. You don't always have to be innovative and make some crazy fashion statement. He looks like a well dressed man attending a dressy occasion. Like the fit and finish of fabric.

FS Suggestion: This look works. If he wanted to put a little more flair he could of opted for a black texture bow tie.

Kerri Hilson

This look is dull. The color is bland and the shoes nor do the earrings help to pop this look, and the silhouette is awkward. The braid is an absolute fail because it conflicts with the oversize earring.

FS Suggestion: If dress must be kept, apply red lip, and couple with an up do to balance entire look.

Lance Gross

This is sexy and he looks good. This is not perfect, but it is pretty damn close. Can't we all appreciate a well dressed Black man. Amen!

FS Suggestion: A slight adjustment with belt and shoes to black would make a perfectly balanced look, although this does work.


This I would say I like. The two different pattern texture of blazer and shirt work and the color pops. This is a subtle way to create dimensions and present style.

FS Suggestion: Dispose of hat to be assure not to be compared to Sammie Davis Jr.

Marsha Ambrosius

I think this dress works for her. It is cinched in all the right places, and has great lace detailing to create a classy, stylish LBD (little black dress).

FS Suggestion: To complete, commit to an all black look and include a solid black pump. Discard hoop earrings and replace with a shimmering drop earring and bracelet.

Mary Mary

This is decent. Hair and make-up are great. Now if Erica on right is pregnant than the dress is perfect. If not I apologize, but spanks are required.

FS Suggestion: Remove skinny silver belt and replace with black belt so that the matching of the top and shoes are the focal point of look. A dramatic silver earring would of complimented maxi dress, shoe, and bracelet.


Stylish attempt but not quite. I like the fact that he takes risk, and is creating a retro feel look.

FS Suggestions: A regular length jacket would of created a balance silhouette without the necklace.

Mindless Behavior

These looks all work. Since they are a group the stylist paired one like piece, their pants, and matched it with an individual coordinating top for each member of the group. They look like a successful music group. Cute!

FS Suggestion: Keep up the good work.

Robin Thicke

Robin Thicke is sexy, so he looks good. He is confident with himself and talent so he can get away with wearing whatever her wants.

FS Suggestion: The inside shirt should be a quality white graphic T-shirt with black and blue design, to bring this whole look to the next level.

Basketball Wives: Shaunie O'Neal

She looks good and the dress has a good fit. Unfortunately this look is safe, and boring. There is not much styling that took place. The dress wore her, rather than her creating a look for the dress.

FS Suggestion: Give us some complimentary pop color jewelry.

Tamar Braxton

She looks pretty. Dress and shoes work well together.

FS Suggestion: Remove fringes from dress. The extra detailing is distracting from beautiful black lace detail against the satin pink fabric.

Basket Ball Wives: Tami Roman

Dress is cute and fits well. The look can accommodate many different events. It's not too dramatic and doesn't specifically say, I'm going out for something other than dinner.

FS Suggestion: Immediately disregard that necklace because it doesn't fit the genre of dress, over powers her neckline and doesn't lay correctly on her chest. Definitely use different jewelry such as bold chunky pieces.

So there it is; this year's 2011 Soul Train Music Award looks. No one's look tickled our fancy and I'm sure didn't inspire you to copy "that look" for your next dressy event. We just gotta do better. Hey celebs reach out to so we can show you how to get it done, and RIGHT. That way your looks will live on well after the show lights go down.