Friday, July 22, 2011

Ready in 60 seconds....

Well, since I knew I was getting off work early tonight, Jayknowles and I planned to spend the evening together. He took me to this cute Asian restaurant called Kyochon off of Fifth Avenue where I experienced some perfectly fried wings.

We then headed to the movies to see the first showing of Friends With Benefits. This movie was super cute! It's funny because I really am a lady who loves romantic comedies. I always love it when the guy and girl end up happily ever after. My question I pose to you my FS readers; Do you believe in 2011 a girl can still get her prince and the fairy tale ending? I wanna believe in the ONE. You know the person you think is the perfect fit for you, but with my dating luck I'm beginning to get a little weary. I know God has someone for me, but he is sure taking a long time to reveal just who he is. In this day and age, do you believe the renaissance man still exist?

Back to Fashion. Today I wore my work clothes to work, something I don't ever do. I had to go in earlier than usual, so my schedule was totally thrown off, thus I didn't have an after work look. Luckily I have Jayknowles as a friend. I already had accessories and shoes, and told him to style me. Seriously, in less than a minute this look was created. Fashion gives me life!!!!

Forever 21 red dress: $50
Style Lab necklace & bracelet set: $8
H&M lace up shoe: $25
Total: $83

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