Tuesday, July 19, 2011

That's What Friends Are For

Today was a light day. Jayknowles came over for our daily business meeting, while also revealing his new blond hair. It's so extreme but I actually love it. I will try and get a picture out of him soon so you can see for yourself. He really can do just about anything and make it look great. His confidence is threw the roof.

I told Jay about the new look I would be creating for the Fall season. You know the more mature, classy, business woman. He expressed to me some concerns about my clothing becoming boring. I assured him they wouldn't and that I was going to be dressing for success! The good news is, I let him preview the pieces I purchased this past weekend, and he loved them. All the pieces! That's rare because he usually says, "This is to safe, and I could show a little more", blah, blah, blah. Not this time though. He understood the direction I was going, and he said he loved it. I already new it was a good idea, but with Jayknowles' stamp of approval I know this Fall, we'll be making deals, styling folks, and turning heads.

(click the image to get a closer look)

Forever 21 Leopard Top: $12
Pink Shorts: $10
Pink Necklace: $10
Vintage Flats: Free (Thanks mom)
Gap Black Straw Saddle Purse: $30
Green Vintage Glasses: Free (Thanks Mama)
Total: $61

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