Thursday, July 21, 2011

Just Doing Me....

It was another chill day, in the heat of this summer. I don't spend too much time outdoors but I'm out long enough to know its ridiculously hot outside.

Any hoot after our daily FS meeting, we decided to go eat at Ivone Ivone, this ma and pa shop that serves a mix between Jamaican and Soul food. It's so good, but its buffet style where they weigh the food so it can add up very quickly.

Funny thing is the owner is like to "stay or to go?" I said I'm actually going to stay and she chuckled and was like you always go. I told her I'm usually on the move to get to work, but today I had a few minutes to actually sit down and enjoy my meal. We opted to dine outside.

Oh and as promised, Jayknowles' new hair!!!

(Click image to get a closer look)

Arden B white sleeveless blouse: $10
Forever 21 grey metallic skirt: $15
Vintage shoes: Free (Thanks mom)
Blue necklace: $5
Style Lab trio rings: $15
Gap black straw saddle purse: $30
Total: $75

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  1. I love what you're doing. I definitely make it a point to check you out when you post. Question- I look at your outfits and think that is super cute on her but can never find/know what will be cute on me!? I can shop for others but not myself! Any advice?

  2. Thanks so much for the support it is very much appreciated. My first advice to you would be to accept, love and appreciate what ever size you are. I find women including myself usually find fault in their body. We wish this was bigger or smaller, fatter or skinnier. You know how that game goes, but I'm learning everyday as long as you are healthy and present yourself in a positive light with your head held high, that's really the most important thing. At any size we all need to exercise to stay in shape.

    It's important you pick clothing that FIT your body well. The fit of a garment can make all the difference in your look. If you have a smaller frame (like myself) I assume you would want to accent the little you have. Wearing stretch materials and solids can usually do your body justice. If you have a more shapely figure I would probably stay away from stretch materials unless they make you look super booty- licious... If you have problem areas such as a little gut, thick arms, a little something extra in the thigh area you want to do your best to camouflage. For the stomach, go with tops with gathers, rouging, darts (extra stitching on the sides, back or front that help sculpt body)and piece with empire waists. If your big busted, stay away from whites or light colors up top because they make you look bigger. Arms is an issue, don't do too much strapless because that will usually give you the extra arm fat under the arm pit.

    Remember to try on your clothes and be honest with yourself in the fitting room. Just because its trendy doesn't mean it's for your body type. Finding the right look for yourself is a process so be patient and try different things. When you find something that works stick with it. Be creative to make it look different and never judge a garment on the hanger.

    My last word of advice to you is to remember you are beautiful, and clothes are just clothes; its the person in them that make them HOT!!!