Sunday, July 17, 2011

"Amen, If You Didn't Wake Up Dead Today"~ PDiddy

Today, I attended a new church service in the Washington Heights area. I was invited personally by PDiddy himself.

Pastor Devin, who married my cousin a couple of weeks ago, had a lot of spunk, and was pretty funny. I thought I would give his church a chance. He had statics similar to my own Pastor. He was loud, dramatic, informative, and used props. Things I believe help the congregation to relate better to the Word of God. The sermon was about smashing, destroying, annihilating your idols.
An idol, I learned is anything or anyone who stands in the way or above your relationship with God. It gave me something to think about. Who or what do I idolize? Church today was just a reminder of how much God loves me. How much he loves us all.

Many have strayed away from the church because of some hypocritical experience. Some feel God has disappointed them, forgotten them, or maybe just angry with him. There's others who like myself seven years ago didn't and don't know him. How powerful, and loving of a God he really is. Know that where ever you are in your spirituality, and or religion that you're in a good place, at your own pace. You don't have to attend church every Sunday to be religious, or know every scripture in the Bible, and it doesn't mean that you are perfect and don't sin or make mistakes. Its about your relationship with God, and knowing that he is a forgiving, healing and loving God.

I reintroduced my self to Pastor Devin, PDiddy as he is affectionately called, and even though he didn't have a clue who I was at first, he still welcomed me with a smile. I reminded him where we met, and he was like, "Yes Monét, how could I forget?", as he proceeded to spell my entire name out for me. M-O-N-E-T! "That right Pastor", I exclaimed. He said he didn't recognize me because my hair was different, maybe so because it was straight rather than curly. Regardless though I wasn't offended because I know he meets plenty of folks everyday. He was so surprised to see me and thanked me several times for actually coming out. It made me realize how so many of us including myself at times, don't keep our word. We all gotta do better!

I really appreciated the prayer he prayed for me. Wishing for my well being,to have that fire ignited in me and for me to allow God to use me as an example for women at my job, in my life, and young girls behind me. I received that Word. To be a step above leading woman into new era. An era of classiness, integrity, and self worth. To commit to these values comes with great responsibility. To show up this way everyday, and be accountable for my actions. To lay down the old me, and pick up a better new me. I've got work cut out for myself, but I'm down for the challenge.

In PDiddy's sermon I remember him saying you can't be in between, on the fence. Half for idols and the other half with God. I've been that way for a while, and I want to be fully on God's side. I still have a long way to go, but I'm making the effort because I know God has the best plan for my life.

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Wanna experience Pastor Devin's Church for yourself:

Manhattan Bible Church
3816 9th Ave.
New York, NY 10034
Service Time: 11am

P.S. For any who may be wondering, its Gay friendly!

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