Thursday, July 14, 2011

"Que Linda"

Today I sported a flirty, cutesy look. On a side not, if you click on the picture you will be able to see my look in better detail.
Any hoot I needed to rock something quick and cute so my mind got to churning. I paired a big pastel pink ruffle skirt that I rocked as a dress, with a lace wife beater. Coupled with a flat brown studded sandal, and a matching brown purse. I included a sparkly earring to glam it up a bit, while keeping myself down to earth with a flat shoe. Although the silhouette was not curve accentuating, I still believe the make shift dress complimented my proportions nicely.

Lace Wife Beater: $Free (hand me down)
Ruffle Skirt: $20
Brown Sandal: $12
Ecko Brown Purse: $30
Stud Earring: $7
Total: $69

Well, I can say another successful look that let me express my creativity and receive a lot of compliments. Remember to discuss this look with me, comment below with any questions, concerns, and or gripes.

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