Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Art of MissMonét NYC! July Twelth Two Thousand Eleven: Day 1

Today is a very special day! Not only because my outfit was seriously super cute, but today marks the start of me sharing my Fashion finds with you, our FS readers. I will show you that looking good can be obtained on any budget!

I often get compliments on my clothing selections as I'm pounding my way through this jungle of a city. Critics "love this, love that, think this is cute," and sometimes inquire on where I purchased my unique Fashion frocks and or accessories.

If I take a moment to be real, hell yeah I would love to shop at high end stores and wear all the latest collections and labels. Of course I throw Jayknowles a little "shade" every time he talks about his Berkin Bag because I wish I had one hanging from my wrist too. And yes I know my time is coming, where I will be able to walk into any store and buy whatever it is I want. I look forward to the day when I can slide my Black Card across the counter with a big cheesy smile and say, "Yes I'll be taking it all thank you" but until then; I'm a bargain shopping, sale seeking, clearance stalking, street scowling, Fashionista who's proud to say I got it from TJ Maxx and/or Marshalls.

Some may think I should be ashamed, maybe a little embarrassed but I say the person makes the clothes, and if you ask me I make my thrift store ish look HOT, SEXY, and all things Fashionable. Truth be told my daily looks are usually $100ish or less for the entire look, including shoes, bag and accessories. For all you fabulous independent, classy, sheik dream chasing woman I'm gonna prove to you all that you can look fly on a dime. I can get anything on a sale, or discount. Stick with me, and I will teach you how you can too create any Fashion look with the minimum amount of money, and still hold your own next to the flawless label wearing diva.

I will dissect my outfits from head to toe, how much each item cost, proven daily you can look great on a budget! When you see an item that you must have, don't exactly love or just wanna throw in your two cents, comment under the post and I will share with you where I got it from, and why I bought it. I can see this being the start of a very beautiful relationship!

White Linen Top: $15
Brown Linen Flare Skirt: $20
Jessica Simpson Polka Dot Pumps: $30
Indian Inspired Drop Necklace $10
Black Straw Saddle Purse $30
Total $105

All basic items that I will mix and match all summer long!!

***Remember you gotta comment below to learn where to go to create the look. Oh and tell a friend,who knows a friend,to tell a friend to join the Blog!!!

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