Thursday, July 14, 2011

An Oldie but Goodie

This is the dress that keeps on giving. I usually only wear an item once or twice because I get easily tired of patterns, but Jayknowles was over and insisted that I wear this dress, so I agreed. My challenge was to make it look different. Still, I am always amazed at how I'm able to reinvent and item, and still receive compliments throughout my day. The best part of this dress is the peak-a-boo tie back in which you will need to imagine since I failed to get a shot of it. My bad!

As Fall approaches, I will be laying down to rest my "hustling girl with a dream" outfits, opting for a more serious business savvy wardrobe. This summer will be my last hurrah of short skirts, and bright urban patterns.

Stay tuned to the blog, as I transition into a more mature, clean cut, classy, sexy business woman attire!!!

T.J Maxx Dress: $15
H&M Shoes:$25
Belt: Free (Took it off a dress in my closet)
Necklace: $2
Express Bracelet Cuff: $10
Earrings: .50
CK Travel Bag: Free (Thanks mom)
Total: $52.50

Word of advice: When repeat wearing an item, always pair with different accessories to crate an alternate look.

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