Sunday, July 17, 2011

"Go Girl it's ya Birthday, Open Wide Know ya Thirsty..."

This weekend I celebrated two birthdays. My bestie TaNeeka (below left), and my home girl Kathlene (below right). It made for a very interesting evening.

So the girls kinda decided to do a joint party situation, but it didn't really pan out as planed. I jumped at the idea of getting a ride with Kathlene, rather than taking the long train ride to the LES. Dinner started at 9:30. After leaving late, and running into traffic, making a fashionably late entrance turned into the walk of shame. We arrived promptly at 11:30, just in enough time to pay the bill and move on to phase two of the evening.

Luckily my bestie wasn't too mad. I'm sure she was over it by the time we got there, she didn't show it but I did feel super bad. She is always there for me on time and ready for whatever, while me her sister couldn't even make it to dinner on time. Felt like sh*t. I know I got a pass because she knows I suffer from a chronic lateness disorder, but its still not cool. Sorry Nee Nee.

They both looked great; their dresses fit flawlessly!

For the second leg of the evening, we headed over to the Katra Lounge where my bestie reserved her own bottle service section! A little drama here and there made me MIA for some of the evening,but all in all I think things ended on a good note.

I opted for a casual and comfortable look, keeping it a little dressy with a neutral blouse. I wore a red wedge heel that I knew hurt my feet before, but for some reason I thought it would be different this evening. As Fab said "I call is shoeicide" and those shoes died that night. (Click image to get up close and personal)

H&M Blouse: $15
DKNY Jeans: $20
Steven Madden Wedge: $10
Steven Madden red clutch purse: $10
Total$ 55

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