Monday, November 22, 2010


Well, ladies and gentlemen the notorious Rhianna is back with her forth album titled, "Loud". Now, it has been said that this album was anticipated to sell more records than thriller? Now, FS is not saying that Rhi-Rhi can't get that job done, but it is our humble opinion, that THIS is not the album that's gonna' do it.

After enjoying my own "LOUD" listening party, I believe it was a $10 well spent. (On a side note, for the first week Best Buy sells new releases for $10)
Any hoot, some of the songs, melodies, and sounds have been embedded in my brain. While wandering the streets on NYC, I find my self mumbling the tones of the words from songs like: S&M, Man Down, Complicated, Raining Men, etc...and when last weekend hit, my FB status saluted "Cheers to the freakin' weekend!" that song! I would say this album has a Soft Rock, Pop, Caribbean feel...Rhianna and her producers were able to communicate that she has basically moved on from the past, and left some of the dark "good girl gone bad" image behind her. I love those edgy, F-the world days, but it's nice to see Rhi-Rhi doing something new.

Something new? Let's first start with the Kool-Aid red hair. FS readers, do we love it or hate it? We actually love it. It has been said that it looks a little wig-ish at times, but she's so beautiful she can pull off anything. And the color, it's in your face, bold, bright, can't miss me red! Her album cover, pictured above, is flawless! Even the scripted tattoo on her neck pleasantly compliments the feel of the album. It's as if the "Bad Girl" is not all together good now, but is finding medium ground between being edgy and romantic. I guess LOVE can really over power any darkness.

Rhianna's got this 70's feel, HOBO sheik, romantic- rosy, organic image, flowing through the pages of this album. Even with the bold red hair, she's being softer than were used to seeing her, but clearly, she's still very much conversation worthy. It's like she's the Rose Princess of big dramatic, softness...LOL...
Now we haven't really been agreeing with all her recent wardrobe choices, but like Rhi- Rhi says: "I Maybe bad, but I'm perfectly good at it"

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