Monday, November 29, 2010

2010 Soul Train Awards

The 2010 Soul Train Awards aired Sunday, giving us one hell of a ride. The performances, singers, dancers, and even the host put on a show. Although there were a few sloppy timing moments, this year's show was light years away from last. Maybe Centric's involvement, provided a few extra coins , which contributed to a better production.

The producers really out did themselves tonight, utilizing R.Kelly as the opening performance.
I don't know about ya'll but I couldn't tell you the last time I saw him perform? It was amazing!!! He opened with 'Bump and Grind', and ended with his new 50's inspired 'When a Woman Loves'. Although he has put on a little weight, his voice was flawless, his tuxedo fit perfectly, and he looked super handsome. I guess he's been laying low, giving us time to forget about his rap sheet, but it definitely was refreshing to experience the King of R & B doing what he does best; putting on a good show.

He takes the cake for being the best dressed man. His shimmering black tuxedo with over sized black bow tie, coupled with suspenders, and red accent handkerchief contributed to a perfect performance.

Up next, we have the host of the show, Taraji P. Hensen and Terrance Howard. These two compliment each other so well that they cast them to host a second time around. They have great chemistry, so much so it looks like they carry it right over into real life? They looked fabulous on the purple carpet. She wore a black mini dress, with detail bra cups, while he sported a 5 piece suit, harmonizing patterns and floral fabrics effortlessly.

Chili did her thing on the purple carpet as well. Minus the matching arm band this Herve Lege metallic bandage dress was a great color and wonderful fit.

Keisha Knight Pulliam wore a strapless green animal print mini dress. FS would of liked to see her in something a little more dramatic and may have opted for a closed toe shoe. This look was more club appropriate, but overall she looked pretty.

Chrisette Michelle gave us a bit of Josephine Baker with her black figure flattering dress with a sparkly black turban. FS actually digs this look. She takes a risk with the head piece, but she looks neat, lady like, and well put together.

The Gentleman himself, arrived on the purple carpet, looking rather dapper. With his gray fitted suit, black fedora, maroon tie and shoe accents really certified him as a Renaissance man.

Janelle Monae was doing her signature style, looking elegant in a traditional Men's wear look. The satin and velvet material made this look dressy and award show appropriate. Her hair was vintage but innovative for 2010. Besides the fact she spoke so gracefully while accepting her award, she can also be credited for being a talented fashion designer, as she made her own look for the evening.

Rick Ross & DJ Khaled got a lot going on here but FS thinks they look fresh to death. LOL...they almost look like brothers, and there isn't much styling but they are oozing money from their pores.

D.Woods looked stunning! The dress fit perfectly accentuating all her curves. FS may have opted for a different shoe, but overall this look is a winner.

SWV! Its been awhile since we've seen these Sisters With Voices. Now, these chicas were a little over done with the hair and an ill fitting dress, but FS loved these looks. We adore the fact that these ladies are styled. They put together different textures of black, creating three separate but coordinating looks.

Derek J, from the House Wives of Atlanta.
Hmmmm....what do we think about a man in heels?
This is a lot, and I'm sure many
don't understand, but we will
commend him for being bold
enough to go against the norm
and be an individual. The things
that make you say hmmmmm??

Ms. Anita Baker was one of the special honorees for the evening. Looking back at her catalog of music, we realized Ms. Baker has been giving us memorable hits for many years now. Her music has been able to transcend through many generations, making it still relevant today. She looked so classy and elegant in this black number. She took a simple black dress and glamored it up with a lace jacket. This ensemble was not only beautiful, but age and event appropriate.

And the winner for Best Dressed at the 2010 Soul Train Music Awards, goes to the Best New Artist of the year.....
Ms. Melanie Fiona!!!

She got everything right with this look. The color and silhouette of the dress, the hair, the make-up, the shoes, she owned every meaning of the word, LADY.

This year's Soul Train Awards, was as Taraji P. Hensen described, 'Magical". The stars really came out and gave us a show. From one performance to the next, they gave you vocals, dancing, and even some style. They made us remember the Legends, kept us grooving to our 'joints' of today, and just overall gave us a good time riding the Soullllllll Trainnnnnnn!!!!!

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