Monday, September 20, 2010

I Whip My Hair...

Ms. Willow graces the pages of FS' blog yet again. This time we're highlighting her new single
" I Whip My Hair", which is whipping its way through all the radio stations. This song is definitely a hit! Now, we love the song, but there are a few who are doubting her talent because of who her parents are. Others are not sure whether this is what Willow wants or her parents? FS believes its what she wants! If her fashion and hair haven't already showed us that she is a young lady who has a mind of her own. Yes, she has the access to the best of the best, and her resources are basically unlimited. Let's face it though, she has the looks, the style, the maturity, and the talent. In an interview, she was asked, what the song was about? Willow suggested it was a statement of freedom. A anthem to be yourself, an individual, truly who you are! For that Willow you deserve your contract with Jay Z's Rock Nation. Regardless of age 9 or 19 you can be an inspiration in this world. FS will whip our hair right along with you girl. Thanks for doing you Willow!

Check it for yourself:

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