Tuesday, September 14, 2010

2010 VMA Best Dressed

Justin Bieber

FS loves Bieber! His performances makes you wanna get out of your seat and be young and free again.. His outfit looks so dapper and grown up, but still keeps a young edge with the pairing of the sneakers. If this is a sign of whats to come from him he's most definitely on the right track.


Wow! For the VMA's you wanna give hip, young, and edgy, Ciara does not disappoint. Even the pose is giving glamour! The feathers are flowing in a manner that commands attention. She's definitely getting better. Werk mama!

Florence Welch

Florence Welch, gave an amazing performance, even though she wore no shoes. The dress caught FS' attention because of the way the dress falls perfectly on her body and the sleekness of the cut. This looks screams STAR, so she gets an "A" from us, hope she makes the list again in the near future.


B.O.B is definitely making his mark on the music scene. He definitely looks hot and fresh here. His stylist understands his body and what will photograph well. The blazer has a great design, FS possibly would of opted for a bright color to really pop the jeans. Regardless, the fit was flawless, the length perfect, texture breathtaking, the look ova!


Lady Gaga arrives at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards turning heads in an Alexander McQueen gown. She's makes FS best dressed for being free to dress however the hell she wants! Her costumes are always over the top, and besides expecting a great performance, we are always curious what she'll wear next? Her costumes are more than just a look but rather becoming a lifestyle! Well I guess its like she said when she won for Video of the Year "I was born this way".

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