Wednesday, June 9, 2010

*Willow Smith*

How fab is Willow Smith, the beautiful daughter of Will and Jada Smith. Ok she is my new "it girl." Before we even get to the hair lets talk about the outfit. My girl is daring!!! At 9 years old she is giving you fashion, fashion, fashion!!! She has carefully thought out every aspect of this outfit. She is giving us, 2 different shades of leopard that she makes work on the top and bottom. A thick gold, chain necklace, combat boots, and a cute little purse, with red detailing to offset the leapord, which tells me she knows what she's doing. Oh please don't miss that Miss Thang has shades in her hand as well! And you know what, this little chica is making her own money, to go inside that purse of hers. She has collected checks from, I Am Legend with her dad in '07, Kittredge: An American Girl in '08, Merry Madagascar in '09 with her mom Jada, and True Jackson, VP (Nickeloden Series) from '09-'10. Not to mention her and Karate Kid brother Jaden, are youth ambassadors for project Zambia in conjunction with the Hasboro corporation-which helps children orphaned byAIDS in Africa
How cool your parents must be to let you express yourself and shave the sides of your hair at 9. And how cool must she be to even wanna do such a thing. Willow my darlin' you're beautiful, fashionable, intelligent, a risk taker, and talented. All the ingredients of a true star!!!! As Jayknowles would say, " You betta werk!!!!!"

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