Friday, June 11, 2010

GAGA goes GAGA at Sisters Graduation

Lady GaGa returned to her old convent high school to support her little sister Natali at her graduation yesterday, she ended up hogging the limelight herself.
Even though it was 18-year-old Natali's special day, the eccentric pop star stood out from the proud family members as she arrived in a typically flamboyant outfit.
GaGa hid her face under a black hat draped in a long lace scarf. Check out the shoes that have no heel, and the Chinese takeout Channel bag! shes OVA ! Onlookers were unable to pay attention to the graduation instead they stayed glued to her. I live for GaGA becasue she makes me happy that there is someone in the industry that doesn't care what people think instead she does wears she wants . Lady GaGa said that she was teased and wasn't popular because her parents couldn't afford to purchase her the latest in fashion.....and by showing up to the graduation in true GaGa form said "F U" to all of those that never thought that she would amount anything. Well dummies consider this pay back!!

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