Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Whos That Girl?

So say what u want about the new "it"girl of hip hop..shes making her money,and the chick hasnt even dropped her first albulm. I feel that she mostly just does way to much...she gives me dramatic hair color, dramatic hair, dramatic eye make up, dramatic lips, coupled with aggressively dramatic clothing....and an over the top fake accent to boot!! shes a lot....but at least she gives me drama..shes not boring like a lot of these talentless artist in the music industry. I can appreciate her for her commitmnet to her image like it or not. She graces this months cover of Vibe magazine and I love, love, love her entire this is all just the right amount of glamour, meets street,meets high fashion that an artist of her expected caliber needs to be giving. Oh yeah and dare I forget shes "getting it in"with one of the kings of hip hop and had a threesome with a little Rose and her famous man U better Werk bi*&^%!!

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