Thursday, November 17, 2011

*She Da One*

So, it's that time again! On Monday, November 21, 2011 the Caribbean bombshell that stole our hearts some years ago will be releasing her sixth album. I have great expectations that this record will not disappoint. I'm excited to be rocking to her new tunes, while cruising through these busy MTA lines. We've all become acquainted with "We've found love" the techno, fist pumping "Jersey Shore vibe" song broadening the variety of music she is capable of delivering. Whether it be pop, rock, r&b, and or that spicy West Indian flavor, we find ourselves jamming right along with the "hit maker". She takes us there with the video. Not only does this song spark an array of emotions, visually it blew my mind.

Slowly, she drives the climax of the song. First I'm analyzing the new look; then I'm feeling up, down, happy, a little sad, amazed, disappointed, shocked, confused, dizzy. I'm overwhelmed, skeptical, judgemental, on a high, hurt, excited, and finally up on my feet jumping, shaking, and fiercely head bobbing. This video reminds me when I was at that place. Crazy in love! An unhealthy relationship is like a drug. You know, when you think to yourself, I know I should walk away from this because it's no good for me, but I'm "in love". Rihanna and her producers hit it right on the nose. In love alright, "In a hopeless place."

FS readers, how do we feel about "The Bad Girl's" new look? I would describe it as 90's grunge. If I had to sum it up in one word; cool. What I love the most is that Rihanna and her people are able to reinvent her image time and time again. It's sexy, edgy, and refreshing. Is it retro? Yes! Some how though, this super nova is able to take a concept and make it her
own. Hate on her if you want, but she does her thing over and over again. Of course, even the most well put together individual will have their occasionally slip ups of fashion don'ts, but she has far more do's.
She's successful, beautiful, talented, and paid! Years from now people will still be Talking that Talk.

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