Monday, November 21, 2011

It's his Time

Take Care, the newly released album from Drake was the soundtrack of my weekend.

Drake as always is hitting us with dope tracks, as well as witty punch lines. Love it or hate it? Well, I definitely like it, and can see myself growing to love it. What, I can appreciate is when an artist supplies us with more than the average thirteen song playlist. Drizzy, not only blesses us with seventeen tracks, but also features some star studded collabs with: Lil' Wayne, The Weekend, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross, Birdman, and Andre 3000.

The album cover puts me in the mind of the Ancient Egyptian times, when the King used gold utensils and artifacts, similar to the way we use plastic in our everyday lives. Either that or a retro Miami Vice feel, where men wore their button downs open to reveal their chest, wearing every piece of gold jewelry they owned all at once. Regardless, is The Young Money artist trying to tell us something? Is he the King of this Hip-Hop game? FS readers you be the judge, but what I can say is, in this album, Drake gives us a satisfying mix of hip-hop, rap, and r&b upgrading our swags just a bit as we cruise through the streets in our whips, or walk the streets, breaking our necks to see who is bumping that "new Drake".

What do our FS readers feel about Drake's style? Sometimes he gets it right, other times it seems as if he didn't put much effort. He doesn't do much as far as fashion styling with this album's imagery. It seems to be more about the props and accessories which gives me a very artistic museum feel, rather than a stylish rapper. Regardless though, gold and statues make me think of money, which I'm sure he is in no short supply of. Drake may not be breaking boundaries with his style, but he is definitely making moves with his music; and in the words of Drake: : It's his Time.....

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