Tuesday, August 30, 2011

"What's Your Zodiac Sign?"

I celebrated a childhood's friend B-day the Saturday before last at Club Rebel. Laurel, Relly as I like to call her, secured a cute little spot in the lounge area of the Reggae Room allowing us to be in seclusion, as we danced the night away. With a packed spot, and her herd of college friends pilling in one after another made for a tight squeeze. I don't think anyone minded much though. As long as the bottles were a poppin', drinks a following, trees a blazing, and DJ a spinning, everyone was good. He was playing, a lot of that authentic reggae. You know, taking you back to your Junior High School days at the Teen Center Parties, shout out to all my fellow Kakaiaters, you'll remember those days...Sim Sima

Relly (on the left) look super cute in her cleavage revealing black strapless dress, and long drop earrings. Some of P.Y.T.C came out to celebrate as well. Although we don't get to hang out like we used to, Brina (middle) and Neeka (right) made a special appearance just for the Birthday girl.

I took a moment to get my gangsta on...lol...I guess.

I've been MIA from the club scene for so long, I didn't think I was going to have a good time, but go figure I actually enjoyed myself.

The hand made jewels were purchased at the 2011 Harlem Festival Street Fair.

Brina and I still managed to get a cute pic here, even after the shots of Patron we so nicely declined from Neeka. She said we were taking them, so we did!

It just so happen that Jayknowles was in Harlem that morning. What better way to end the evening then over breakfast with one of my closet friends. You know you're in a Harlem IHop when they have security. I'm just saying...

Click on the image to get a closer look.

Express white ruffle sleeveless blouse: $17
Zara high waisted denim jean: $20
Rampage blue peek-a-boo flat: $12
Jewelery set:$30
Fetish purse: $10
Total: $89

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