Wednesday, August 17, 2011

She Reigns, She Reigns, She Reigns

The Queen of pop, better known as Mrs. Beyoncé Knowles, reigned in NYC this week. She sold out her "Four Intimate Nights" concert experience at the Roseland Ballroom in twenty-two seconds! Yup, that's right TWENTY-TWO SECONDS!

My mom mentioned to me the whole "twenty-two second" thing when I visited with her this past weekend. I remember asking "twenty-two seconds, or twenty-two minutes?". She first says seconds, then quickly corrects herself to say minutes. Even though she was initially right with saying seconds; twenty-two minutes just sounded more feasible. I mean love her or hate her, how many artist can you say can sell out a concert in seconds? Ms. B is the first I've heard, thus making her the Queen. I always say, everything she touches turns to gold, literally!

Make no mistake, fans go hard for Mrs. BK. Trust when I say, this time at the Roseland Ballroom was no exception. Folks from NYC, know the Ballroom is not a large space, so they needed to get in where they fit in, and quick! Regardless of how much you spent for your ticket it was a "first come, first serve" general admission. Thus, this is why you had devoted B fans camped out on these gritty streets of NYC for hours upon hours.

Jayknowles, described to be Beyoncé's ultimate fan, and a crew of friends were determined to get up close and personal with the Diva. Five of them divided up shifts from 8pm, twenty-four hours before the concert, to place them at the very front of the barricades. Jayknowles commented, "If there's a possibly to be that close to her, oh you best a believe I'm a wait outside all night from 3am-9am!" Well FS readers, it was well worth their wait because they all got to be front row, making for what I'm sure was an unforgettable experience!

Above, Jayknowles, looking fabulous after the concert

On my way to work that evening, I remember seeing the fans lined up to see their icon, someone they obviously loved and adored. All I could wonder is how powerful, great and amazing you must be of a person to have people lined up just to get a glimpse of you. To live in your presence for a moment. I secretly wanted this. I thought to myself, how would I feel if people were lined up to see me perform? WOW!

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