Friday, June 11, 2010

Must Have of the Week

So this gorgeous maxi dress can be found at Brooklyn Industries at a store location near you. It retails in the store for $158.00 but online it was only $80.00. One of my secrets is shopping online for cheaper deals but only after visting the store first to make sure that its currently on the floor guaranteeing that you are our choosing the hottest garments for the lowest prices. Usually stores like B I don't spark my interests because the clothes are massed produced and everyone is running around town in my outfit. But in this case you want to choose a look that most people wont be brave enough to wear. So with this look u will probably need a Jewel toned platform shoe, a long simple necklace, and pair of vintage shades! If u stick with FS, this summer will be your time to shine!!! stay tuned!!

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