Friday, June 11, 2010

Latouche & Griff

Latouche & Griff, are the two young men illuminating this photo. These fashion designers are steadily maneuvering their way through the fashion scene. Meeting some years back, they discovered that they had a bond through the mutual love of fashion. They are close friends of mine, and very talented brothas.

Above Nicki Manaj(NM) performs with Usher at Summer Jam '10, wearing a piece created by Griff. She sported a bright pink, spandex mini with a black ribbed scuba gear fabric detailing at the shoulders, bust, and waist; coupled with mini leather gloves. NM gave us all she had in that dress, and that dress gave everything it had back to her. Shout out to Touche, for rockin' your version of the NY t-shirt. Stay tuned for more on Latouche & Griff...

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