Tuesday, August 2, 2011

AB Shines At The Village Underground

Recently, Jayknowles and I visited the Village Underground to see one of our favorite clients Amanda Brown; AB as we like to call her, do her thing. I had such a good time, and let me say I knew she was talented because she's sang back up for some of your favorite artist. Alicia Keys and Adelle just to name a couple, but this lady blew me away that night. Her range is ridiculous and her skill is authentic. She has all the qualities of a star, and I feel so blessed to know and work with her before she sky rockets out of this hemisphere. She sang along side a rather large band where they covered various genres of songs. R&B soul, to Pop, Reggae, Latin, Rap, and Hip Hop. You name it they did it and did it well.

Stop by the Village Underground whenever you can. Tuesdays-Saturdays they have live music, some nights featuring AB, and on Sundays it is open mic.
Village Underground
130 West 3rd Street

MissMonet, Amanda Brown, Jayknowles

This Vintage inspired piece is another one of Jayknowles ready in 60 seconds dress. My options were limited this time around because I only had flats and earrings. Jay knew right away what he would give me when we spoke on the phone, but somehow when I arrived at his house I tried on three other looks that made us late and ultimately ended up going with the one he originally picked. It's that chronic late disorder I have, anyone know if there is a program for people like me who suffer from this???????

Black dress:$30
Feather earrings:$5
Fip flops- $7

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