Monday, February 14, 2011

Grammy Fashions: To Wear or Not To Wear?

Well, the hysteria begins! While most lovers in America were scrambling for Valentine's Day gifts, making last minute reservations, or just awaiting to feel the love more than usual, us Fashionistas were hard at work, examining who wore what at the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards.

Looking back at these photos, I've come to the realization that this award show has become a platform to wear all things outrageous. I have to say I am pretty disappointed at most of the celebrity fashion picks. It seems as if it's no longer about putting on a figure flattering dress, and looking like a beautiful super star. And although, these super novas have access to the best fashions , not just in America but all over the world, some how we have folks showing up in sculpted art pieces, or ill fitting creations that just don't make any sense. What's up with the silhouette of that dress? The color? Why shorts? Really, all leopard, and that wig? How come you arrived in an egg, and no one can see you? Who are these people carrying the egg? Why are there so many cutouts in your dress? And lastly, why is a Jersey Shore reality star looking the most harmonious on the red carpet, out dressing some of you who have been doing this for years?

Please believe me, I'm all about being innovate and risky, but seriously the celebs these days are doing just way too much. Doesn't anyone want to look like a classy, fashionable lady anymore? Or at least tell a story of fashion that we can understand? To wear or not to wear, that is the question?

Gaga,Gaga, this point its just comically. Its almost like your making fun of the art of Fashion. In her 60 Minutes interview we learn that Gaga uses the outlandish fashions she wears to distract the public from her private life. I mean that's kinda smart, but Gaga come on mama, we can't even confirm if that's really you in there. You look like a baby in the uterus of a pregnant woman, awaiting for you to be delivered. Oh, and those folks around her are the staff you would see in her birthing room. Knowing Gaga, I wouldn't off been surprised had she staged a birth right there on the red carpet.

To Wear or Not to Wear. No freakin' comment...

Seriously Katy Perry, you are not walking down the Angels segment of the Victoria Secret Runway show. Ok, so first off she looks like she's dressed up as an angel for Halloween, that or she's going as a walking mermaid. She is actually a pretty woman with a nice body, but we can never really tell because she's always dressing like she's one of the figures on the Candy Land board game. Katy, you can dress funky, and playful without looking like a cartoon character.

To Wear or Not to Wear? No, not to the Grammys.

Ok, so everything that is worn on the catwalk doesn't mean that it was actually made to be worn in real life. Ciara's Stylist should of left this piece at the Emilio Pucci show where it belonged. There is a saying, too much of a good thing, may not be such a good thing. There's too many cut outs in this dress for me. The split is a bit much, and the shoes, all though I know cost more than my rent payment, look cheap. Let's face it Ciara's hot! Her face looks flawless, her hair is tight, and her body is on point. I just don't love the look.

To Wear on Not to Wear? Unfortunately, in this dress, Ciara I don't like the way you ride it.

Nicki??? The only thing would of surprised me, is if she arrived at the show looking, fly and put together like one of the Basketball Wives, but in true Nicki Minaj style she looked ridiculous. I mean lets be honest, most of us put up with it because she has a pretty face, and a big 'O' butt. At the end of the day her outfits are most often wacky and cheap looking, but they almost always accentuate her ass. Which I guess gives her a pass to arrive to the Grammys looking like Frankenstein's wife, skinned her pet cheetah. I still respect her music bizz savvy, but Fashion that's a whole other entity in itself.

To Wear of Not to Wear? Nope, I wouldn't do it.

OMG! Can it be? Yes it can, as hot a Kim Ka$h always looks, I think this dress it wrong. I hate the color, and its very Vanna White. It looks like she's gonna flip a letter at any moment to help a contestant solve the puzzle. Possibly in a different color I would of loved it, but its definitely not the best I've seen her. Kim still manages to look beautiful with that glowing skin, but please give me a different shoe already.

To Wear of Not to Wear? I would pass on this one.

I know, I know it's Beyoncé. She is one of the most beautiful, talented, woman in the world. She is definitely a perfectionist, and those that are her fans can most definitely appreciate that. I mean we win some and loose some. Again, a pretty lady who probably came home after the show and was like, I probably shouldn't of worn this, but hey I look good anyway, so it doesn't matter.

To Wear of Not to Wear? I wouldn't sport shorts to an award show.

Willow, oh how I love this little girl. I think she is the cutest thing ever. She is all things cool, and definitely an individual. This outfit as much as I love her, I don't love the outfit. She's still young and still experiencing so she gets a pass. How many of us can say we attended the Grammys at 10yrs old?

To Wear of Not to Wear? Still no

I'm at a crossroads with this see through creation that Rhi Rhi is wearing. I don't know FS readers, what do you think?

To Wear or Not Wear? You be the judge

Mrs. J.Hud. Well she's feeling good, and she should. This Versace dress is cute, and she looks cute in it.

To Wear of Not to Wear? It looks good on her.

Eva Longoria, gets it right again. She always does her thing. Nothing too spectacular, but she looks stylish and well put together.

To Wear or Not to Wear? Wear!

Selena Gomez looks so nice. I would of opted for a different color, but the overall look and fit of this J. Mendel gown is beautiful. She looks sexy and classy.

To Wear or Not to Wear? Wear

Miranda Lambert shimmered on the red carpet. Although this dress was a little slouchy in the stomach area, overall I love the look!

To Wear or Not to Wear? Wear

Julianne Hough looks super cute. The pattern is pretty funky, and although we've seen this neckline over and over again it looks good on her too.

To Wear or Not to Wear? Wear

Justin Bieber gets it right again. Love, love, love this look. I feel like white and off white is the new sheik. Great job Justin!

To Wear or Not Wear? Wear, Wear, Wear

And the winner for best dressed at the Grammys goes to Snooki from the Jersey Shore? I think she looks cute. I mean yes, she looks like she could be dressed up to celebrate her birthday but I think she looks better than I've ever seen her. I like the style of the dress, color, shoes, and accessories. Ok maybe a different purse, but overall this works for me.

To Wear of Not to Wear? Definitely Wear

Well folks, here it is FS' 2011 Annual Grammy Awards to Wear or Not to Wear? Some came, and flopped. Others arrived and shined, and some should of just stayed home. One way or another though, these folks made it. They put in the hard work, and day by day rose to stardum. The truth is not everyone will like what you wear, but Fashion does allow you to express yourself freely. At the end of the day if you put it out there, someone is always gonna have a comment. Some may be bad, others may give you praise, but shoot, these stars are at the Grammys making history while the rest of us are watching.

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