Monday, January 3, 2011

"The King of Sex"

Tom Ford, affectionately known as the "king of Sex", out did himself for his recent fashion show introducing his WomensWear Spring/Summer 2011 Collection. He says, he was inspired by a classic "I Love Lucy" episode when real life Hollywood housewives were cast in the Don Loper Fashion Show. Ford's 2011 version was a tad more sexier than his 1960's inspiration, but he still received claps of praise,and standing ovation that quickly followed.

The doll of the ball was none other than Ms. Beyoncé Knowles.

She was personally hand picked, along with many other models and celebrities by Ford."I chose these models because I knew them. I designed these things thinking of them," he comments. Ford is well known for reintroducing a woman's sexuality to the Fashion Industry.

Unfortunately,Ford doesn't know when he'll show again. His future collections will be shown to members of the magazine press only, in one-on-one appointments. He doesn't want images or details of his collections to be made public immediately after his show. In fact, he doesn't want them out till the garments are produced and en route to stores.

Fear not, if you missed out on this fab show. A show that brings the image of a classy, sexy, timeless lady back to the catwalk, and hopefully back to the catwalks of our real lives. Refer to the video below to catch all the clips you missed....

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