Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Must Have of the Week: Vanity Fair Magazine

That's right FS readers, its GaGa! She graces this September's issue of Vanity Fair's Mag. (VF) Gaga is well known for her eccentric, and sometime outlandish outfits. She chucks it off to being an artist, with the freedom to express herself. Some say "yes Gaga go, do your thing", while others are often putting the pieces of the puzzle back together after her appearances. Whether you love it or hate it, live or die for it, you must notice it. Notice her! Behind Gaga, is a super talented writer and songstress. Her music has literally plowed through the pop scene culture, and has simultaneously transcended to a vast variety of people all over the world.

Gaga, opens up to VF, about not being able to trust people, and not even knowing if she will ever be able to. She is typically drawn to "Bad Romances" or they are drown to her. In any case, this condition leaves her to feel like a lonely artist. She is currently withholding from having sex. She believes, that if she sleeps with someone, they are going to "take her creativity from her through her vagina."
Gaga may not have found love in someone, but she admittedly found a love for drugs in her past life. After reaching her lowest point, she traveled back to her safe heaven; HOME. There she found strength from her mom, who encouraged her to get back up and go after what she wanted. I believe, sometimes you gotta fall so that you can fly.

Lady Gaga has definitely found her flight pattern, and she has many little monsters in her fleet. Its clear, that even if she has to fly South for the Winter, she'll definitely find her way back come Summer. She's not a people pleaser, but she loves her fans and her fans love her back just the same.
Gaga inspires us to take risks, to be ourselves, live life and
just dance....
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