Monday, August 9, 2010

Must Have of the Week: Handbags With Fringes

Jimmy Choo $ 2,695 $50-$500

Lately, while pounding the streets of NYC, I've noticed many handbags with fringes in displays and storefronts. Is this the new big thing? FS says, Yes!. At least until the summer is out, and possibly the first few weeks of September. Now you may ask yourself why get something that I can only use for a month or so? Well, purchasing it now makes you smart, because these bags will be right back in tow come Spring 2011. Just think, this purse can work for you now, and come Spring you'll be one step ahead of the game. Now remember if you decide to sport such a handbag, ladies please make sure your outfit coordinates; it makes sense. Allow your bag to help tell the story of your look. Make sure its not distracting, and/or unflattering. If all else fails, keep the outfit simple (eg. white blouse, blue jean, a flat/sandal/pump) and make your new fringe purse the focal point of your outfit. Now go get yours today, and make FS proud.

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