Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Queen Reigns....

Miss Queen Latifah! True Hip-Hop veterans remember her like this. Fighting the power through MCing, bringing awareness to the issues that were plaguing the Black American Community in the early days of Hip-Hop.

Then there are those of us from my generation who
remember her as Khadjah, the star of the hit 90's
t.v. sitcom Living Single.

But since then, Queen Latifa, has transformed into someone fitting of
the title, Cover Girl. She is the essence of Black Beauty. As an actress/Singer, she has transformed into a dainty, feminine, lady-like woman. More often than not, she makes the best wardrobe decisions that compliment her body and shape. She shines at every award show and event. She is truly an inspiration to all women especially Black women, teaching us you can be beautiful and successful at any size, because the beauty truly radiates from the inside. May the Queen continue to reign on....

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