Friday, June 18, 2010

Must Have of the Week: All Things Drake

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Drake,Young Money is proving to be one of the most sensational artist of our time. Early, this week, he debuted his first full length album, which was one of the most anticipated album's to drop on the Hip-Hop scene in a while. By the time the CD was "officially" released, fans have already been raving about how "Hot" of an record it is.

Drake, Young Money is also proving to making his mark in the style dept. as well. Nothing like a man who stays FRESH!

Drake, definitely has style! Its seems he's conscious of what he wears daily. He's committed to looking as fly, and good as he can everyday. All these looks work for me. My fave one, of course is GQ, but all are cool. I don't know about the chain purse hanging or card holder?, but he could be starting a new trend. I mean hey, its Louie!

Drake, Young Money is out here grindin' it out and doing his thing. What do you Drake fans have to say about the new album? Love it? Hate it? Haven't heard it? I can't quite classify it under one specific genre of music. It gives me a lot! A Jazzy feelin', Rapping, Singing, big name features...I say if you haven't already copped it, for $10, its definitely the must have of the week...

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