Friday, October 9, 2009

Who Are They? And What Do They Do?

Name: Kristen
Occupation: Student @ Berkley College

Kristen was spotted outside of F.I.T. , and deserved to be photographed for being so fabulous. This outfit is it!! Everything works...This is definitely a woman who pays attention to fashion. What really makes this look, Fall '09 is her blouse. Those shoulders are hitting just about every cat walk there is this season. The 80's shoulder pads have definitely mad a comeback, but with a more modern twist. I must also comment on her accessory choice. One big necklace on a blouse that is subtlety fierce. Earrings would of been too much because of the shoulders but Kristen added just the right flare to break up an all black outfit. Kristen did her thing that day. I hope she felt just as fabulous on the inside as she looked on the outside...

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