Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Shopping out of season is one way to save money and to continue to be oh so fashionable in our very relevant economic hard times. This method allows you to catch great buys that you can mix and match for the upcoming seasons or just store away for the next. Who doesn't like a sale? You may not need that super cute leather bomber now, but a smart Recessionista knows, that she can purchase one in beginning of the summer and save it for fall. Please be aware, this method is not for the weary, and can be extremely difficult. Please approach with caution! We all know when we say "I'm a only shop and buy what I need",but there's always room for just one more piece, or two, or three...So all you Recessionistas, challenge yourself! Budget your money, shop for what you need, and do it out of season...You'll be surprise just how much you save....Shop on! jK*

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